I have just survived 3 hellish months at a homeless women’s shelter.

Here is what I’ve endured.

Getting cussed at by an 18 year old girl who insisted on doing her Muslim praying at 2:00AM,

We as homeless women must arise everyday 7 days a week at 6:30AM.   Then we as homeless women must STAY away from the homeless shelter until 6:30PM, if you have no where to go like I did you walk, & walk around most of that time.

Germs such as women coughing & where there is poor air circulation at the Church I was staying at.

Assaults (luckily not on me, else I would have went to jail)

Hepatitis A that was spread by someone NOT washing their hands when handling the food that we eat & then not wearing gloves!   Once I was alerted by that fact I began skipping meals & living off of cold bake & beans.

Mentally ill women having outbursts, depression, feelings of hopeless,    oh I could go on & on.

However I was extremely lucky.

Want to know why?

I served in the U.S. armed forces when I was 18.

I am a U.S. veteran & I am a HOMELESS U.S. veteran.

So through methodical, persistent, research & collecting all sorts of data from the local veterans office I was able to piece together some help for myself to get myself housed!

And let me tell you it was just not easy.

The women’s homeless shelter were I formerly stayed was about as helpful as the Government trying to bail itself out of the financial disaster better known as the National deficit.   That is to say the shelter  was pretty damn useless as far as help goes.

And the shelter had CASE MANAGERS…if you could call them that.    Most of these so called case managers were fresh out of college girls who had NO life experience especially were being homeless is concerned.

Often when I met with my Case Manager, it felt at times like I was talking to a friend over a cup of coffee.   She seemed clueless & non too professional on her job & its duties.

Luckily I enrolled in a program for homeless veterans who are homeless, suffer from substance abuse (My drinking is heavier these days) and suffer from psychological damage done by either having served in the military or out of it.

That I am no longer homeless is one big great miracle.

However I still suffer from:

Severe loneliness due to lack of ANY real support from my Mother & her 3rd very toxic Husband.

My Father who has been dead now for 8 years who had been my SOLE support emotionally.

Haunted by family abuse, rejection, dehumanization across the board.

The battle within myself wages on everyone!   And its quite ugly probably similar to what the boy’s in Afghanistan & Iraq suffer.

It’s that ugly!

Believe me when I tell you that I suffer, its a punishment that I wouldn’t wish on anyone not even some of the people with whom I dislike.

So I have my new apartment which is  a nice one bedroom.

There is a pond with ducks!

It’s in a nice area too.

All I have to do is get some furniture in there & fix it up some.

And get an emotional support therapy dog (preferably a lab)

Fortunately for me the program I signed up for to help get me out of that wretched women’s shelter also provides mental health treatment.

I have to wait till Tuesday.

Tomorrow is Labor Day.

I’m all alone so I have one more day to try to hang on before I can get out to the Veterans Resource Center across town to get my help.

This is so difficult for me.

And what about my family you might ask?

I have my elderly Mother but she is crazy.

I tried to ask her if she could take me to lunch so I could get a meal.   You see I have NO FOOD IN MY HOUSE.

The answer I got was the following:

“We’ll see”

I asked her twice hours apart, same day.

And I get “We’ll see”

I threw my cell phone clear across the street.

Send me your best wishes, prayers,  or however you worship my way please.

I could use all the positive support that I could get.